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  1. Jan 01,  · Imperium is the first sequel the literary world knows to Spengler’s monumental The Decline of the West. In fact, the author of Imperium does more than even Spengler attempted — he defines and creates the pathology of Culture in all of its infinitely urgent importance, including the discipline of Cultural Vitalism/5(41).
  2. Imperium advocates the creation of a pan-European empire governed by sound principles or 'absolute politics'. It is divided into five parts, which are concerned with History, Politics, 'Cultural Vitalism', America and the World Situation. Imperium deals with doctrinal matters as w/5.
  3. IMPERIUM recounts the story of Marcus Cicero's ascent from modest young lawyer to the leading advocate of the late Roman Republic and one of the greatest orators of all time. IMPERIUM is the first of a three volume set. It concludes with Cicero overcoming treachery to win an ugly election and become leader of the Roman senate/5.
  4. Description IMPERIUM will bring you into empire theme to build, develop, and extend your empire. Build resident house for workers that will work for you at developing your empire and troops, there are more than 20 building types in this game that you can build in 12 cities, each city has 4 81%.
  5. Define imperium. imperium synonyms, imperium pronunciation, imperium translation, English dictionary definition of imperium. n. pl. im·pe·ri·a 1. Absolute rule; supreme power. 2. A sphere of power or dominion; an empire. n, pl -ria 1. the supreme power, held esp by consuls and.
  6. Imperium Press' mission is to rectify this sorry situation. Our editions include introductions and commentary which place them squarely within the context of tradition, reaction, and counter-Enlightenment thought—the only context in which they can be properly understood.
  7. Aug 19,  · With strong performances by Collette and Radcliffe (even if Radcliffe is uneven at times), "Imperium" is a well paced and nuanced thriller set in the milieu of white separatist domestic terrorism 85%.
  8. Aug 07,  · IMPERIUM, by Robert Harris, would be an interesting read in itself, if it were not so pregnant with parallels to our own society and culture. But Cicero and the book Imperium is stirring and unsettling because it is such a credible piece of historical writing and Cited by: 1.

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