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  1. crepuscule: 1 n the time of day immediately following sunset Synonyms: crepuscle, dusk, evenfall, fall, gloam, gloaming, nightfall, twilight Types: night a shortening of .
  2. Crepuscule is a Korean Webtoon from Naver. It is written by Mirchi and the art is done by Yamchi. Lark is different from the rest of the kids. He has red eyes and he is bullied by the other kids for that.
  3. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word crepuscule. Princeton's WordNet ( / 0 votes)Rate this definition: twilight, dusk, gloaming, gloam, nightfall, evenfall, fall, crepuscule, crepuscle (noun) the time of day immediately following sunset.
  4. crepuscule. n. crépuscule. at half-lights. adv. au crépuscule. during twilight hours. exp. au crépuscule. at dusk. exp. au crépuscule. the twilight of sth. exp. le crépuscule de qch. in the twilight of his life. exp. au crépuscule de sa vie» View all results.
  5. Lark is different from the rest of the kids. He has red eyes, just like Vampires do, and he is bullied by the other kids for it. One day he meets Setz, a kid who also has red eyes and is the only one that doesn't call him a monster or bully him. Eventually they become friends, but when Lark finds out he may have to return to the orphanage, Setz decides he does not want to lose his friend and.
  6. Apr 02,  · Directed by Victor Nieuwenhuijs, Maartje Seyferth. With Nellie Benner, Titus Muizelaar, Rietje Janssens, Arie van Dok. In this impressionistic experimental drama, a woman walks a fine line between sanity and madness in a world of constant twilight. Nellie Benner plays a young woman who works at a filling station and lives a life of emotional isolation/10().
  7. Le site officiel du Théâtre de Namur|Centre culturel régional, de la Philharmonique de Namur, des P'tits 4 heures, du Centre d'expression et de créativité, de Cultures Communes. Le détail de tous les spectacles, concerts, expositions, événements, activités diverses. Mise à .
  8. Crepuscular definition, of, relating to, or resembling twilight; dim; indistinct. See more.
  9. Guilluy's Le crepuscule de la France d'en haut goes after "gregarisme," which it treats as a defining characteristic of the culturally rootless French upper class. The Enduring Lessons of Disraeli's Sybil For modern painting, head to NF Art Gallery, which offers Leon Spilliaert's suggestively eerie Colonnade au crepuscule ().

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